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03 November, 2022

Letter লেখার নিয়ম একটি লেটার শিখে লিখুন

My dear salam,

I received your letter last Sunday. you wanted to know about our madrasah. the name of our madrasah is Solapur senior madrasah

It is one of the biggest madrasahs in the district. six hundred students read here. the teacher is all learned, experts. they teach us very 

well. The result of the examination is very good. the madrasah is a nice three-storeyed building. the superintendent's room, the teacher's waiting room 

The office and the library are on the ground floor. classes are held on the first and 2nd floors. the classroom is fairly large. naturally, it is a fine and famous madrasah.

I am well. I hope, you are keeping in good health.

yours ever,

MD kamal

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